I Hate American Horror Story Because It’s a Bad Show

This show is pretty not good.

I don’t know what is worth caring about.

I don’t know what makes this story special.

What I do know is that AHS has sucked ever since season 2.

It’s not worth writing individual reviews.

There are no interesting characters

The best part of a show should never rest solely on the “twist.”

Does it matter who the sole survivor is?

Not a single episode thus far has done anything of significance.

Nothing is at stake, nothing is memorable.

There’s no need to finish because what kind of build up is there even?

Evan Peters played some gay dude for like two seconds then he becomes a significant character THEN he dies?


You can’t make that into anything. You can’t make that important.

I’m not sure I’ve ever watched something so vapid. so meaningless…

No themes.

No allegory.

No metaphor.

No subtlety.

No message.

“It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

In short, The Eric Andre Show has more value than this high quality garbage.

That is all.







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